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Casas Particulares New accommodation option in Cuba New to Hola Sun Casas Particulares will be offered in many areas such as; Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Vinales and many more to please your personal travel needs. ¡MI CASA ES SU CASA! Live among the welcoming Cuban people and enjoy a different experience by renting a room or a house known as “Casas Particulares”. A Casa Particular is an affordable accommodation choice with great value and is an excellent option for short or long stays. Accommodations Location Located in the city centre or surrounding areas. Optional Breakfast daily ($) Breakfast and Dinner daily ($) No meal plan Standard room equipped with a bathroom either private or shared. Casa Particular, enjoy the freedom and flexibility at your own pace. Each casa has its own charm and offers different features and amenities. Please contact your travel agent for more details. 124 CASAS PARTICULARES 

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